Professional Refrigerator Repair in Pinellas County, Florida

Keep your cool with fast refrigerator & freezer repair from our expert technicians.

At Gulf Coast Appliance Repair, we are your refrigerator repair experts in Pinellas County. We repair and install all makes and models of refrigerators.

Do you need immediate service? If so, we’re here to help. For your convenience, we provide same day refrigerator repair service! We understand the inconvenience this can cause and you can count on us to provide swift and efficient repair service. Plus, there’s really no point in buying the finest, freshest ingredients from your favorite grocery store if you can’t rely on your refrigerator to store them properly. You and your family could even get sick if your unit fails to maintain the safe recommended temperature. You can count on Gulf Coast Appliance Repair for fast and effective service on any make or model of fridge and freezer you may have.

In addition to refrigerators, we also service and repair wine coolers and deep freezers. We have highly trained technicians who specialize in brands like:

  • Sub-Zero Refrigerators
  • Built-In Kitchen Air
  • GE Monogram
  • Kenmore Products
  • Sears Products

Finding a Solution

There are some types of refrigerator problems that are easy for almost anyone to diagnose—like a leaky water line or burnt out light bulb. Other more complicated problems are much harder to diagnose and fix. We won’t waste your time or money by guessing on unnecessary or incorrect repairs. Instead, our trained technicians make a careful inspection of your refrigerator & freezer and correctly diagnose the root cause of your problem.

Quality Parts

Our qualified technician keeps a supply of quality brand name parts on hand, enabling us to provide the fastest possible repairs for any type of fridge or freezer component including:

  • Thermostats
  • Fan motors
  • Water filters
  • Defrost heaters
  • Cold controls
  • Door switches and seals
  • Condenser coils
  • Compressors
  • Evaporators

We Specialize in Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair

Sub-Zero refrigerators are very popular because they keep food fresher longer. If your unit’s controls start malfunctioning, you will most likely not know how to diagnose or fix it. Fortunately, you can trust the Sub-Zero refrigerator repair experts at Gulf Coast Appliance Repair to keep these and other features in top working order. Our technicians have ongoing training to keep up with the latest advances in Sub-Zero refrigerator design and technology.

Call Now for Same Day Service

We have technicians ready and waiting to assist with your refrigerator repairs ASAP. Call 727-513-7825 to get your appliances repaired at an affordable cost.

5 Tips to Maintain the Function of your Refrigerator

You more than likely do not have to be told that the appliances in your home will need to be maintained if you want them to work properly for any measurable degree of time. This general rule will also apply to your refrigerator. You and your family depend on your refrigerator to run 24 hours each day. And if you maintain your refrigerator properly, it will serve your home and family for years to come.

The Correct Temperatrue

Your refrigerator will work best if it is allowed to run at an optimal temperature. A good temperature setting is at or slightly below 40 degrees. Your freezer’s temperature should be somewhere around the zero degrees mark.

These temperatures will protect the operating system of your refrigerator and provide the proper storage environment for your food. You should also check to make sure nothing is obstructing the air vents in your refrigerator.

Check Water Filter

Many refrigerator owners are completely unaware of the fact that the filter in their refrigerator must be changed from time to time. In fact, some refrigerator owners do not realize their refrigerator contains a filter and would have no idea how to find the filter if asked to point it out.

Changing your filter from time to time will ensure your refrigerator runs efficiently. Clean and properly functioning filters will also remove harmful chemicals and particles from your water. Signs that it may be time to change the water filter in your refrigerator include:

  • Your water dispenser is slow or sluggish.
  • The taste or color of your water has changed.
  • Your ice maker does not work.
  • Your water contains floaters.
  • Your water is dirty or “ugly.”

Inspect Door Seals

The cool air in your refrigerator will escape if the seals on the door are loose. This will result in more energy being used to cool your refrigerator and the extra work your refrigerator will be forced to complete could result in the need for refrigerator repair.

You can prevent this problem by making sure the seals of your refrigerator door is free from food or other debris. You should also use soap and water to clean your door gaskets periodically. Once the door gasket is cleaned, you can use vaseline for lubrication.

Clean Refrigerator Coils

A refrigerator that has its coils covered with dust and debris will not run efficiently. Condenser brushes for all refrigerator brands are available for purchase and should be used to thoroughly clean the coils of your refrigerator at least once a year.

Cover Food

It can be tempting when you are in a hurry to quickly place unfinished food in the refrigerator and go on about your day. However, you will greatly benefit your refrigerator if you take a few moments to transfer your unfinished food to a container with a lid. When you place uncovered food in your refrigerator, moisture is released. Your refrigerator will then have to work harder to maintain a dry environment.

Get Help Now

Gulf Coast Appliance Repair offers high-quality refrigerator repair at an affordable price for the benefit of Pinellas County residents. If your refrigerator is on the blink or not working properly, Gulf Coast Appliance Repair is available for same-day service.

GCA understands the problems that an improperly functioning refrigerator can cause you and your family and is committed to providing customers with swift and effective service.

If a refrigerator or other appliance in your home is in need of repair, a technician from Gulf Coast Appliance Repair is available at 727-513-7825. You can also use this online contact form to schedule service.