Garbage Disposal Installation

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Have a clog or a leak in your garbage disposal? Gulf Coast Appliance Repair can help! We offer garbage disposal installation services to customers in Pinellas County. Our experienced technicians will be sure to get your installation completed promptly and professionally.

It is important to have a properly operating garbage disposal to maintain a sanitary and fully functional kitchen sink. Over time, food and other items need to be cleared to allow the sink to drain. When your garbage disposal is clogged, leaks or needs replacement, it’s best to contact an expert.

Here are some common garbage disposal problems why people call us:

  • Won’t turn on and isn’t making any noise
  • Making a humming sound and isn’t working properly
  • Clogged and obstruction cannot be removed
  • Leaking
  • Draining slowly

Why spend another day with a clogged sink or a poorly functioning garbage disposal? You do not have to put up with a noisy, inefficient or broken garbage disposal. Contact us today at 727-513-7825 before you waste any more time, money and energy to schedule your installation appointment!

Basic Steps to Install a New Garbage Disposal

Most homeowners know that a garbage disposal will make life much easier for the person tasked with washing the dishes in their home. And when your garbage disposal is not working properly, you will not want much time to pass before a remedy is found for whatever is ailing the device.

It is important to understand the steps for installing your garbage disposal properly if you wish to ensure a safe and effective installation process. Garbage disposals consist of a number of parts and homeowners with no prior experience will probably be better off if they place their trust in an expert to complete their garbage disposal installation.

Installing Your Kitchen’s New Garbage Disposal

The exact steps included in your garbage disposal installation can vary depending on the brand and model of the garbage disposal you purchase. However, there are some steps that are constant despite the type of garbage disposal you wish to install.

Remove the Old Unit

You do not have to be told your old disposal will need to be moved before you install a new one. However, you may need to be informed that this process can pose more of a risk to your safety than you may think.

The first thing that may surprise you during the removal process is the weight of your old garbage disposal. Garbage Disposals can weigh as much as 15 pounds and it is probably a good idea to make use of a support structure that will guard against the injury or damage that could result if the disposal falls.


Before you attempt to install your new garbage disposal, make sure the power to the disposal is shut off. As mentioned above, the installation process will differ from unit to unit. However, the basics of the installation process include stacking the different components of the disposal.

Components like mounting rings and fiber gaskets will need to be fixed in their correct positions before you attach the disposal to the drain. The final step in the process is to connect the unit to the electrical system of your home.

Testing Your New Garbage Disposal

Once your garbage disposal has been installed, you should fill the sink with an inch or so of water and put the stopper in the drain. Check below the sink for any signs of leaks. If no water drip is evident, you know that the seals you installed are positioned correctly.

You should also turn the power on to the disposal to ensure it receives to energy it needs and is fully functional.

Why You Need Professional Help

Installing a garbage disposal is a rather involved process that can be a challenge to complete on your own.

Many detailed steps are involved with installing a garbage disposal and things can go quickly awry if you do not complete one of these steps precisely as required. It would be wise to employ the services of a reputable appliance repair company to complete your garbage disposal installation for you.

Gulf Coast Appliance Repair takes pride in the reputation it has crafted for providing quality work for customers while operating with the highest level of integrity. The company has made itself available to satisfy the appliance repair needs for the people of Pinellas County as well as the entirety of the west-central coast of Florida for more than 10 years.

If your garbage disposal or other appliance in your home is not working properly, you can make no better decision than to call Gulf Coast Appliance Repair as soon as it is convenient for you.